TABC Enforcement at COTA and ACL

There are so many activities going on now in Texas. We have all of the football games,the State Fair of Texas, ACL in Austin, and the big Formula 1 races at Circuit of the Americas. Elton John is going to be there along with many others. Uber and Lyft will be super busy moving people about the city. Many of those people will be over the alcohol limit to drive.

Be Prepared – Get Your TABC Certification Today

TABC will be out in full force for all of these events to keep an eye out for anyone who might be breaking the law. Everyone knows that it is illegal to drive drunk, but few people know how little it takes to get arrested for DWI. Some people are not aware that it is illegal to be publicly intoxicated in Texas. We will have visitors here from countries that are not as strict on P.I. as we are.
Uber and Lyft and the old familiar cab service should be suggested to intoxicated people by those of you in the alcohol beverage industries. We all want to keep visitors to our city safe from drunk drivers. Also Texas has a Dram Shop Law that allows servers to be sued in civil court for damages. You can make sure your TABC Certification is up to date. You can get or renew your TABC Certificate course with us Here.

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