TABC Fines 6th Street Bar

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In Texas as in most states, it is illegal to sell or serve alcohol to a patron who you know or should have known is intoxicated. It could cost you money and cause harm to others. Learn more about this law and more with us.

TABC Fines 6th Street Bar

The TABC has levied a $15,000.00 fine against an Austin, Texas popular 6th Street bar. The Kung Fu Saloon was fined after a TABC investigation about an alleged assault in November 2014 that seriously injured a man. The Kung Fu Saloon was given the choice of paying a $15,000.00 fine or close their doors for 50 days.

TABC spokesman Chris Porter said the large fine is warranted after interviewing witnesses and working with Austin police.

Police say Joey O’Hare, from San Antonio Texas, was dragged from the bar and either dropped or allowed to fall on his head by a bar employee. Mr. O’Hare has returned to work and has settled for an undisclosed amount in a civil lawsuit.

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Kung Fu employee Robert Giovanni Camillone is charged with aggravated assault. His case is still pending in Travis County Court.

Spokesman Porter said the bar was fined for selling alcohol to an intoxicated person and by not reporting the incident to the TABC. In Texas it is illegal to sell or serve alcoholic beverages to people you know or should have know are intoxicated. And all serious altercations must be reported to the police and TABC.

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Thomas L. Conrad

Thomas L. Conrad

I have an extensive background in the food and alcohol beverage industry. My experience ranges all the way from a bouncer to bar back to bartender to management. My mother owned and operated a restaurant where I learned all aspects of food and beverage business management.

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