TABC Certification for Summer Job

TABC Certification plus Summer Fun

Get TABC Certified for Summer Fast and Easy Aah summer is finally here. It’s time for fun activities for young and old alike. As everyone who lives in Texas knows, Texas Summer and Texas Heat go hand in hand. Whether you are going to the beach at South Padre Island, Galveston,  Port Aransas, or any

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Spring Events – Alcohol-and TABC

After a long cold and sometimes brutal winter, spring is finally here. Along with that, Texas has what seems like a million things going on. With all of those activities alcohol is usually part of the plan.

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Fall Events TABC Certification Online

Back to school and fall events are on everyone’s minds this time of year. These events will sometimes involve alcohol consumption to excess. Be prepared and provide responsible service. Get your TABC Certification with

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TABC Announces Minor Stings

TABC and other law enforcement conduct undercover minor sting operations as compliance checks at licensed alcohol establishments. Make sure to get TABC Certified to learn alcohol seller server laws in Texas.

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TABC Fines 6th Street Bar

In Texas as in most states, it is illegal to sell or serve alcohol to a patron who you know or should have known is intoxicated. It could cost you money and cause harm to others. Learn more about this law and more with us.

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