Tabc and Spring Break

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Spring Break is a time to recharge and have fun. It's also a time for enhancement of TABC Enforcement dealing with minors and intoxicated people.

Spring Break and TABC Minor Stings

It’s Spring Break time in Texas. March brings an end to winter along with all kinds of activities statewide. Rodeos in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and other Texas cities. Austin has among other activities, the Big Kahuna of them all South by Southwest. Thousands of spring break students from Texas and all over the United States will be travelling to the warm Texas coast waters.

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Spring Break travelers will be buying lots of alcoholic beverages. Some of those buying will unfortunately be minors. That’s why the Texas TABC will be conducting Undercover Minor Stings up and down all of the major routes through the state. Sting Operations will be in full force this Spring Break season as they have been as far back as I have been teaching TABC Live classes.

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) announced this week that they will be sending underaged minors, attempting to buy alcohol, into businesses along the major routes between Texas cities and the coast. These minors will not lie about their age or use a fake I.D. However they will use their real actual I.D. that states their correct age. Remember that other minors NOT working with law enforcement WILL lie about their age, so ask for I.D. from everyone who looks under the age of 30 or 35 or from everyone if you want to.

If you and your co-workers are not TABC Certified please get your certification now. We conduct live TABC classes anywhere in Texas and will come to your business to train your employees. TABC Certification Online can be accessed Here!

Thomas L. Conrad

Thomas L. Conrad

I have an extensive background in the food and alcohol beverage industry. My experience ranges all the way from a bouncer to bar back to bartender to management. My mother owned and operated a restaurant where I learned all aspects of food and beverage business management.

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